Work on your powerfulness

I used to be extremely shy. Speaking in public was a nightmare exercise. Standing out make me extremely nervous.

Being tall, my posture was aweful. One of my strategies not to stand out was to drop my shoulders and close my rib cage to make myself smallers.

Playing small gets old and thanks to the coaching and NLP training I did, I learned how to get in resourceful states to feel confident and strong when I need to speak in public, give a presentation or simply meet new people at networking events.

Learning to access a resourceful state – feel good – had a profound effect on my posture. It is impossible to feel strong when you slouch. To feel powerful I had to have an upright posture, keep my shoulders open so that my lungs were not constricted preventing me from breathing.

So I found out that my state of mind influences my physiology.

In this TED video, I found out that the opposite is true too and that it’s been proven scientifically for the scepticals out there. Check it out and when no one is looking, work on that powerfulness of yours!


Amy Cuddy TED

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are